Iraqi Dinar History

In 2010, the Central Bank of Iraq announced their plans to re-denominate the Iraqi Dinar to facilitate cash transactions. The intention is to drop three zeros from the nominal value of it’s bank notes; however, the true value of the dinar will stay unchanged. Even though the announcement said that the shift would take place at the end of 2010, no re-denomination happened. According to the Central Bank of Iraq, their mandate is to “ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based monetary system.” To find out more regarding the re-denomination, read “Iraq Planning Currency Re-denomination.”

Dinar Guru News Update

The dinar CBI Official Rate and the Central bank of Iraq’s reported Market Rate for the dinar are recorded in the Dinar Guru Resource Bar (on the left side of the page…). The market rate has continued to gradually rise in value for the past 4 months. [REMEMBER the lower the amount here the MORE value to the dollar the dinar has… .In this case LOWER is better] The final CBI Market Rate upgrade was 1195 on 4-29-18 and continues to be under 1215 since March 15, 2018 and continues to be under 1200 since April 23, 2018… .the gap between the Official and Market rate is just 5 dinars. Stay tuned for what the gurus think this implies for the future of the dinar… [The newest guru articles will continue below…]

Assessing the Recent Dinar Guru RV Situation

This dinar guru site writes about Ken Siegel being Mountain Goat. It can’t be confirmed nor denied who Mnt Goat is, but one thing is for certain, Mountain Goat went from somebody who had been asking questions about the dinar to a guru, it appeared to occur out of nowhere.

This trend of professionals getting specialists has been happening for several years. The so called “Intel” that people like Bruce in the large Call or Blaino from Planet Dinar have supplied have been proven again and again to be untrue.

Until the overall listeners of those conference calls wake up and begin doing their own research on these people, I am concerned that this trend will continue. Iraqi Dinar sites like Dinar Daily have a lot of members that are awake to the fact, and they don’t have any reservations about warning others.

Central Bank of Iraq

Everyone knows someone that has a contact in the CBI, the Central Bank of Iraq, but again, nothing was demonstrated. It makes absolutely no sense that the dinar would revalue or RV to a speed that it had been at in the 1980s. Many investors point to the Kuwaiti RV for an indication of what is going to happen to Iraq. It makes no sense for a money to go from less than a tenth of a cent to $3, it does not happen.

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