The US President, Donald Trump, will meet with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, in Singapore on June 12th. Trump officially announced it on Twitter. According to him, they’ll both try making it a special moment for peace worldwide.

The summit that has been in the works ever since the US president accepted the invitation of Kim to meet last March will be the first meeting between a North Korean leader and US president. US officials also considered holding the summit at Mongolia or a Korean demilitarized zone, yet it was settled on Singapore as the summit location.

Singapore was actually the early leading choice of top administration officials and these include John Kelly, chief of staff in White House, and Mike Pompeo, state secretary, who from the start recognized that the location of the summit would play a role on how talks are viewed across the globe.

The neutrality appearance was their primary concern, both in its geography and in the politics of the location. There are no countries like Russia and China that are seen as very communist. Logistics were a secondary, yet still a big concern. When Kim showed he’s willing to get on one of his planes to fly to the country of China this week, the officials were convinced Singapore would work, which is 3000 miles from the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang.

Last week, Trump said a time and date for the meeting was already set. Yet, in spite of that, the date and location weren’t finalized until Pompeo had met with North Koreans. Both the South Korean government and them were pressing for talks at DMZ and were encouraged by the public endorsement of Trump.

The tweet of the US president regarding the meeting caught aides off guard. The reason behind it is that the site had been ruled out internally. Aides were tasked with seeing whether Singapore might give celebratory atmospherics must the talks succeed. John Bolton, the natural security adviser, Kelly, and Pompeo continued to argue that DMZ might appear conciliatory to the North Korean leader and that he might get the wrong message once Trump traveled there.

The Foreign Ministry of the city-state stated in a statement it’s pleased to host the meeting and mentioned that the summit can be a significant step on the road to peace.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un has overseen the weapons tests, which rattled the US, Japan, and South Korea as Kim attempted to showcase the progress on medium of his military as well as atomic weapons and long-range missiles. Trump also credited US maximum pressure campaign to draw North Korea to the table for negotiation and vowed in keeping economic sanctions until the North Korean city takes concrete steps in denuclearize. Nevertheless, Kim Yong-chul, former spy chief and the director of United Front Department of North Korea, stated in a toast that North Korea perfected nuclear capability.


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