The Supreme Leader of North Korea may be immune to Assassination threats in his own land, but things change beyond that finely constricted territory.

His half-brother was assassinated in Malaysia, and he himself is going to Singapore for a meeting that promises to be a step towards global nuclear peace – Kim worries that he will have to pay for it, with his life.

Bloomberg reported that Kim Jong Un fears that the meeting is being set up as a direction towards his assassination.

He has often claimed that the United States holds a very strict policy against him and will not miss out on such a gifted opportunity.

It was seen in the historic meeting of Kim Jong Un with the South Korean foreign official earlier this year that the patriarch prefers travelling with extreme security measures, mostly involving troops on the ground.

Amidst all this lies the realization that he himself is not willingly loved or accepted entirely by the population, and his sudden assassination is likely to lead the country into turmoil and revolt because there is no chain of command ready to take over.

The Singaporean government has assured North Korea and the US that tight security measures will be taken to ensure that the two personalities meet in a safe environment.

These include blocking off the Singaporean airspace during the days of the meeting and restricting entry into the country without thorough checks.

Finally, Donald Trump has also reinstated the possibility of the meeting because it is a step towards peace that no other US President has taken.

Despite these assurances, Kim Jong Un has stated that he is willing to provide denuclearization deals as long as his security is the top priority.

This gives action suggests that the Supreme Leader of the world’s most unorthodox country, may not be so supreme after all.


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