First Nations Want a Cut of Cannabis Tax Google Images Labeled for Reuse

The cabinet of Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada and global personality, is likely to accept and pass a document which allows the opening of marijuana shops in the country.

The decision to legalize marijuana is based on a number of reasons.

Canada has one of the world’s largest populations which uses cannabis in its daily lives, and that allows the underground market for the drug to flourish.

At present, the market is valued at roughly $6 billion, and expected to grow at an expedited rate.

Medical testing has long shown that the harmful side-effects of the drug are close to negligible as long as it is used in a safe limit. The United States Enforcement Administration on Drugs, however, is keen to state that the drug is likely to be banned in most of its states because there are no medical uses as such for it to be normalized.

Another claim which is being made by Kevin Sabet, who is responsible for running the group that stands against the legalization of marijuana in the US, states that “Canada is experimenting on its entire population,” and that “consolidating the efforts will not bring many benefits.”

Europe, on the other hand, is looking at the scenario as an opportunity to first-hand witness a country with a ‘well-respected democracy’ taking such a bold response and waits to see how the people respond.

The government has assured that upon legalization, the industry will be normalized and will be provided access to the tertiary sector such as banking and transportation without the label of drug trafficking, as is often done in the US.

The chances of ‘Big Marijuana’ becoming a possibility like ‘Big Tobacco’ and posing untold harm to health for the people exist, individuals as young as 18 will be allowed to purchase cannabis and grow small amounts of it in their homes all around the country.


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