Canadian authorities confessed that an area of an unauthorised, genetically modified strain of wheat or grain has been discovered in the wild, well away from old Monsanto testing locations, however, hoping that the regrettable finding will not hinder exports.

The plant, from unidentified origin, was initially found on a frontage road within Alberta last year, shortly after it made it through spraying of the location using weed killer, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) pointed out Thursday.

Soon after carrying out extensive tests regarding the samplings, the watchdog concluded that the crop was actually “genetically modified and herbicide-tolerant,” and was never ever authorized for commercial usage or even production inside Canada.

The organization at that point narrowed down the manufacturer for the plant to be Monsanto, the agrochemical and biotechnology titan.

“CFIA confirmed that the Alberta wheat sample was a match for a Monsanto GM wheat line (MON71200), which was used in multiple confined research field trials in the late 1990 s and early 2000 s in both Canada and the United States,” the watchdog stated within its own review.


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