President Trump Is fuming over Leaks of Not Congratulating Putin Google image labeled for reuse

President Donald Trump tried to sow doubts on Friday about the harrowing anecdotes of immigrant children separated from their families on the border, downplaying “the false stories of sadness and pain” and affirming that the real victims of the country’s immigration crisis are the Americans murdered by those who cross the border without authorization. 

Bombarded by critics who say that the separation of migrant families is a time of shame for the country, Trump responded with attacks, sometimes manipulating information and changing its history, but emphasizing the pain of the families on the other side of the equation. 

“You’ve heard the other side, you’ve never heard this one,” Trump said, along with a dozen of what he calls “angel families,” who lost loved ones at the hands of people who entered the country without authorization. He focused on the fact that young migrants separated from their parents are likely to be reunited, unlike the victims of the murderers. 

“These are US citizens permanently separated from their loved ones. The word ‘permanently’ is the word you have to think about. Permanently, not separated a day or two, they are permanently separated because they were killed by illegal alien criminals. ” 

Amid growing bipartisan concerns about the images of terrified children separated from their parents, Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to reverse the policy of separating families, although it is believed that up to 2,000 children are still separated from their parents. But that unusual moment of public surrender was short for the president, who made his comments at a rally in Minnesota that night with severe immigrant rhetoric that continued on Friday. In a tweet, the president questioned whether the adversities of migrants actually exist. 

“We must maintain a Secure Southern Border,” the president tweeted. “We can not allow illegal immigrants to take control of our country while the Democrats tell false stories of sadness and pain, hoping to win with that the elections. Obama and others had the same images, and they did nothing for that! “

Probably these comments were caused by Friday’s revelations about the image of a 2-year-old Honduran girl crying while her mother was stopped by the Border Patrol. But the girl in the photo, who ended up on the cover of Time Magazine this week, was not separated from her mother, but detained with her, the child’s father told the Daily Mail. Time Magazine said it was sticking to the image because it captures “what is at risk at this time”. 

As part of his defense of his policy of zero tolerance, Trump has pointed out, and often exaggerated, the great threat posed by members of the violent MS-13 gang that have arrived in the United States. In what was probably not a coincidence, the Justice Department issued an indictment on Friday accusing 11 alleged members of MS-13 of being involved in the murder of two teenagers in Virginia. All the suspects are from El Salvador. 



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