Is it safe to sell your mobile online in UK?

Since the trend of buying and selling boosted within the past decades, millions of people trade online to upgrade, sell, buy or exchange products such as mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players, smart watches, game consoles or game discs.

In UK we have seen increase in no. of online websites making it easier for consumers to evaluate the price of their items and simply post them out to trade for cash payments, vouchers or coupons. When we looked closer high street traders and shops are offering less price for quicker cash compared to online websites.

As they have to cover up their costs of showroom, staff wages and bills they tend to offer less prices in exchange of cash right there on the counter.

According to BBC – “There are more mobile phones than people in the UK. We bought more than 28 million mobile phones in 2012, with that number set to increase this year.”

This has definitely increased demand in trade of used, old or unwanted mobile phones. And that’s just mobiles!

What gave birth to online recycling websites?

To prevent fraud and bogus sales, eBay and amazon closes thousands of accounts every month mostly for newbies who have very little experience of selling products on these platforms get blocked by their bots or become a victim of a fraudulent purchase.

This discourages many people to sell on eBay or amazon and lengthy waiting process to sell the item definitely adds to the reason.

Websites like Gumtree (brought by eBay in 2005) also enable its users to sell their product locally and meet its buyer in person to complete the transaction. But many have faced problems by selling hot products like mobile phones on gumtree & have even been victim of crimes while completing the transaction such as snatching or fake notes. As many don’t like to handover these items before taking cash from the buyer.

Then came online recycling websites that offered money for the items where customer don’t have to meet any one and just complete the checkout process online to post the item either free or via paid service to the company and receive payment in to their bank account or in form of Cheque.

Every year between 10-20 mobile recycling websites launches in UK alone and compete on prices as the competition increases that gives consumer the benefit to get maximum price for their items.

Price comparison website Sell Any Mobile (based in UK) gave us a report of 90k to 100k visits per month on their website from people looking to sell mobile phones, tablets, iPods, iPads and many other consumer electronics. Companies that have been long enough in the industry with good reputation, feedback and loyal client base tends to offer fix prices rather than following a trend of price reduction that almost every newly launched or smaller websites follow. Offering less but fix price does attract experienced customers who had been disappointed in the past where they have sent off their mobiles and later received a price reduction email.

Smaller the website, higher the price. What’s the reason?

As old the website is, the more feedback they have on review rating sites. If a mobile trade-in website has been in industry for long enough, the main reason is good ratings, prompt payments and a great customer service. This enable customers to keep going back to the same company to sell their next device and the process keeps going on. Whereas smaller or newly launched websites have to offer something better then what those websites are offering and that is High Value.

Sell Any Mobile told us that almost every latest item compared on their website almost 80% of the top buyer is a smaller website compared to giants of tech recycling. They get more sales through by offering almost 30% higher prices but work on a monthly quota per device. They do not keep buying the same device throughout the month, as soon as their required no. of items are received by them they reduce price by average of 50%.

Bigger websites have a strong database of loyal customers that have been using them for years and does not bother to look elsewhere or compare prices online.

These websites make sure that they honour the exact price offered even if they have to take a little hit on few orders where product condition does not match the website terms.

Recycling online does take all the hustle, lengthy process and risk away that consumers faces on other platforms and enable us to reuse these devices rather than throwing them away or dispose them in a non-secure manner that is also non-environmental friendly.


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