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There is a new trend in the cosmetic industry, maybe not so new any longer. But if you are looking to take your lip tattoo game to a whole new level, you should absolutely join the lip blush trend. Lip blushing offers a more natural look, the kind of stain that’s pasted on the lips after a healthy kiss. The flush of color is ever so slight and it lasts for a few years. This is arguably the coolest cosmetic tattoo invented.

Lip blush and permanent cosmetic lipstick, any difference?

One obvious difference is that conventional cosmetic lipsticks are designed to be permanent but lip blush isn’t. At the end of the day, it is the technique of the technician and the combination of pigments and colors applied that make all the difference. Our lip blush Los Angeles services focus on giving your lips a perfectly natural look so you can smile to mirror as you wake up every morning with a pigmented pout. Asides the more natural look, lip blushing also boasts a significantly lesser healing time as it typically heals up within 2-3 days.


How is it done?

Our lip blush in LA employs specialized techniques to create an alluring, lasting lip lush based on the shade you want. We make use of a fine needle to implant the color and pigment in the lips while ensuring that the blush doesn’t appear too heavy. We are also conscious of the fact that the nature of the skin on the lips is different from that on the face. So, we are very careful at the borders to ensure there is no untoward effect from getting a lip blush. When making a choice of color and pigment, it is important to consider the desired result. This is because the final appearance would ultimately depend on the underlying color of the lips. You can trust us to get the perfect combination for you.

How long does it last?

Usually, the whole process would not take more than 2-3 hours and you can expect the effect to last for 2-5 years. If you still love the look and feel of the lip blush on your lips, you can get a color refresh after that period or simply go for something else. In the unlikely event that you end up being unhappy with the selected color, a laser removal may be the only way out.

Book a session with the professionals at Boleyn studio

As you can guess already, there is only a slight margin of error when getting a lip blush. You need all the touch of professionalism you can get to ensure the desired result is achieved. And we’ve seen many procedures go wrong in this business. The importance of getting your lip blush from an experienced technician cannot be over-stressed. The final result boils down to the expertise and technique of the cosmetic technician and it could easily be a total miss if not done right. You can trust us to make it a hit at Boleyn studios


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