Cryptocurrencies and Pirate bay update

The famous torrent downloading website “The Pirate Bay” has started to mine cryptocurrencies on its user’s browsers once again.

That’s right, The Pirate Bay team has injected a malware code on its site that allows them to mine Cryptocurrencies from each visitors computer as they browse the site.

Since mining can actually damage the user’s computer by over using each visitors CPU, it is recommended for all torrent fans to switch to an alternative site to avoid their devices from heating and getting damaged.

With a lot of torrent search engines that invade the internet nowadays, it is hard to find which of them can be an excellent source to replace The Pirate Bay. Most torrent sites come and go, and only a few of the most reliable options remain. Check out these The Pirate Bay alternatives what makes them stand out and why should you try them.


The TorrentFunk is a distinctive type of torrent search engine because it does not only include searches, but it also shows the review, ratings, and comments on the movie you want to download. It is beneficial for many users because they can already see the feedback from those people who have watched the program. It also allows you to utilize its cross-recommendation feature wherein you can find a movie based on popularity.


iDope is one of the great torrent search engines worth using. It offers direct magnet links to the content, allowing you to find the appropriate movie or file you want to download. It is an ad-free site and does not have annoying pop-ups. It is unique in its own way because it allows the users to share the magnet link using their social media accounts and even via messenger.

It does not even track its users which makes it a safe site to access. It makes use of an innovative feature that will allow you to perform a voice search when finding a file to download. It also provides a library of diverse options that will surely satisfy you. So, give iDope a try for a stress-free user experience.


Demonoid earns its place as one of the best torrents in the industry today. This site indexes torrents that are uploaded by its users. It has RSS with different feeds that are appropriately categorized. It is a safe alternative for The Pirate Bay because it prohibits torrents that contain malicious software and pornographic material. After many months of being down, the site return and users can still use their login to access it.


The TorrentProject is an easy to use torrent meta-search engine with a database of torrents it gets from various torrent sites on the internet. Once you access the site, it shows a welcoming and clean interface which is aesthetically pleasing to anyone’s eyes.

There is no doubt that it is well-maintained because the listings remain to be of high-quality, giving you the most up-to-date programs you can download. It has over 8 million files consisting of popular films and self-produced content. Its API functions by integrating its search feature into many applications.

Have you chosen one that you want to try? All these torrent sites are gathered so you can identify the things and features that make them stand out before giving them a try. They all deserve a try and is guaranteed to function more than how The Pirate Bay works. They gained traffic for several years of being on the internet and has been kicking until the current year.


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