Every year there are a large number of applications submitted to UK Universities and colleges from all over the world. In these applications there are many students also applying for the Scholarships.

The government of United Kingdom and the different universities of United Kingdom provide a large number of scholarships programs to the International students including Pakistani students. These scholarship programs sometimes, provide the education or study programs to the international students with less tuition fee and, sometimes, these scholarship programs provide the international students their subjected study program with full fee concession.

Types of scholarship in UK

In the United Kingdom there is several scholarship programs offered by the Government of UK and by the Universities of UK. The most common scholarships in UK for Pakistani students 2018 are listed below.

Subject Based Scholarship Program

In this category the students are facilitate with the scholarships according to the subject base. Different subjects or study programs offer different scholarships criteria.

Degree Based Scholarship Program

Different degree title offer different kinds of scholarships. These degree titles include Undergraduate programs, post-graduate programs and research programs etc.

Funding Based Scholarship Program

This is another scholarship category that is shown by the government as well as the universities from UK. This is sub divided into two categorize including:

Government Funded

In this category the government of UK provides special kind of fund that devoted to facilitate the International students from all over the world. This scholarship program also offers to Pakistani students.

Non-Government Funded

Non-Governmental funds are separated by the different kinds of universities to the deserving international students including Pakistani students.

Eligibility Criteria for getting UK Scholarship

As we mentioned above that there are different kinds of scholarship programs exist in UK. So, each program shows the different criteria of winning. But the common things or criteria that every program needs are listed below.

  • True detail of educational certificates of previous education

  • Grades or remarks are also considerable

  • English language proficiency is must

  • The level of your skill for the selected subject is another requirement

  • Government of UK or University in which are you going to apply must check your financial status

  • Wrong application and incomplete applications will not be entertained by the institute. So must show your true and complete detail.

Process of Application

The students who really deserve and want to apply for scholarship they must apply for the scholarship program when they would go to apply for their course. There are deadlines for different curses are announced by the institutes so must apply under the announced deadlines.

Scholarship Programs Available in UK

Following are the currently scholarship programs are available in the UK for the International Students. These are based on Institutes situated in UK.

  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarship

  • Bristol University International Scholarship.

  • Birmingham International Postgraduate scholarship

  • Cardiff University International Scholarship

  • Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford University

  • University of Edinburgh Global Scholarship

  • Nottingham International Scholarship

  • Swansea Undergraduate Scholarship

  • University of West London International Ambassador Scholarship

  • University of Westminster Scholarship for International Student


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