A man – known as ‘Andrew B’ – has revealed what he experienced upon being rushed to hospital when he was 13 years old after swallowing a plastic drinks bottle cap and tearing open his throat. Like many people who recall near-death experiences, Andrew says he remembers seeing bright lights and hearing comforting voices.

Man recalls how he found his near death experience ‘peaceful’ and ‘not at all scary’

When he was 13, Andrew was attempting to twist off the cap of a bottle of punch with his teeth when the cap suddenly exploded into his mouth, ripping his throat open and causing him to choke. He was rushed to hospital, where he drifted in and out of consciousness while undergoing an emergency operation to save his life.

During the procedure Andrew recalled being outside his body, floating above himself – a memory common with many near-death experiences, or NDEs.

“I remember a warm brightness above and around me. Someone was telling me: ‘It is not your time yet. You’re not ready.’ It was dream-like and I can’t remember a face. The voice was a calm, loving male voice but I don’t know who it was.”

The afterlife “definitely exists” – claims a man who has experienced it

Andrew now says the afterlife “definitely exists” and that his experience was real, and unlike a dream. “My experience felt so real that I believed in God and life after death ever since.” he said.

Scientists are still arguing how real NDEs are, and what causes them, and whether they are evidence that the ‘human essence’ can survive beyond death. There have been countless examples of patients accurately describing events they have ‘seen’ while unconscious or during periods of their heart having stopped, and scientists have yet to come up with an explanation of how such ‘impossible’ events can occur.


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