While modern medical practices are gaining credence, people in less developed areas of the globe are still using ancient healing techniques to cure life-threatening conditions.

In Angul in the state of Odisha in India, a woman was admitted to the Community Health Centre in Chhendipada after being bitten by a snake in her home while undertaking her daily chores. The woman – Jhuna Bhutia from the village of Mamura – could not be cured by the medical staff at the health centre, so they requested that she be moved to the District Headquarters Hospital.

Family uses black magic spell after medical treatment fails

However, eschewing the advice of the people who had so far not helped her recover, Jhuna’s family instead called upon a local black magician they knew. The black magician practitioner was forbidden from entering the Health Centre, so was forced to conduct his rituals in front of the building.

Later, Jhuna was taken from the Health Centre and returned home by her relatives. There has been no further news on her condition.

Medical Centre condemns black magic healing

A spokesman from the Community Health Centre condemned the efforts by the black magician, saying “Due to illiteracy and blind faith, people are still resorting to such practices. There a need to spread awareness.”

In a recent incident, a 24-year-old young man from Salerapada had passed away after undergoing failed treatment at the Karanjia medical institution of Mayurbhanj. A black magic practitioner was called in with the aim of raising the youth from the dead, but unfortunately the victim could not be saved.


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