When a Kentucky stable owner was told by a psychic animal communicator that she saw her pair of beloved dogs ‘trapped in mud’ she paid her little attention. But then a few days later when Sunny, a one-year-old German Shepherd and Annie, a four-year-old Mountain Dog went missing they indeed were located having difficulty in climbing out of a muddy hole.

Stable owner Melissa Moore allows her dogs free reign of her horse farm, plus they have access to a three-hundred acre vineyard. Having had freedom all day, the dogs would normally return in the evening for food, but when one day they did not return, she feared the worst.

Psychic chat reveals location of pets whom went missing

Over the following few days the dogs could not be located. Melissa contacted local animal pounds and shelters, and asked her friends and neighbours if they had seen the dogs, but to no avail. She even persuaded her sister’s partner, who owns a powered parachute, to ascend to the skies to aid her search, but there still came no joy.

It was then that Melissa remembered the words of her psychic animal communicator, whom Melissa uses to communicate with her horses. She searched the only muddy place she knew – along a nearby creek – but to no avail.

Pet psychic turns out to be one hundred percent correct!

Then, nearly two weeks after her dogs went missing, Melissa received a call from a neighbour. He had been ploughing a field and discovered a five-and-a-half feet sinkhole, within which he found two very muddy, but still recognisable dogs. He got them out of the hole, and they ran home.

Melissa was stunned to discover that her psychic friend had been right. “They were trapped in mud,” she said. “How would she have known that?”

The dogs were declared healthy, if dehydrated, by a local vet upon examination.

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