Professional tarot card readers have revealed that they are finding an increasing number of millennials are enquiring about tarot reading. More and more young people are finding the modern world of technology and social media increasingly demanding, and are turning to old fashioned means by which to see where their future lies.

Tarot is an ancient form of fortune telling that goes back hundreds of years. A deck of seventy-eight tarot cards are shuffled and then dealt in the presence of the person for whom the future is being predicted. It is up to the expert tarot card reader to divulge the meanings of the cards that are drawn.

Young people look for spiritual meaning away from gadgets and gizmos

When dealing with millennials (people born between the years 1981 and 1996) “Questions often relate to difficulty finding love, challenges with loneliness, internet dating, getting on the property ladder and the pressures of career and work life balances,” says experienced tarot card reader Michelle Chaso. “Millennials can feel lost and influenced amidst the noise of 24/7 technology.”

A number of Instagram-era celebrities have posted positive experiences regarding their tarot card sessions, including Kim Kardashian West and Paris Jackson. London-based Jayne Wallace – a member of the clairvoyance team known as ‘The Psychic Sisters’ – says she has recently given readings to singer and presenter Rochelle Humes, formerly of S Club 8 and The Saturdays.

Social media stars use tarot cards to help them make sense of life

Clairvoyant Suzanne Corbie – a Priestess of Wicca whom has been involved in folklore and spiritual traditions for over forty years – says “(millennials are) concerned about choices with their career and want to fulfil their potential so they are searching for ways to guide them how to get there.”

Tarot cards were first used in the 1400s and although originally designed for the playing of games, they are now more commonly used by clairvoyants to discern futures and fortunes.

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