A man in Jamnagar, India, has allegedly come up with a novel way of stopping the necessity of him having to pay alimony to his ex-wife – voodoo.

The man – who has yet to be named – posted an image of a voodoo doll on both Instagram and Facebook with the caption “Making a Voodoo Doll for Myself. And Giving it a BACK RUB.” He also posted pictures of himself working out at the gym, with focus upon his back muscles.

Ex-wife becomes alarmed as she finds husband practising black magic

The man’s wife – named as Dharti – saw the pictures, became alarmed and contacted the local police and court system. She claimed that the photos acted as ‘proof’ that her estranged husband was a black magic practitioner, and that we was intending to use black magic to get rid of her, so that he would no longer be required to pay alimony.

The police were hesitant to act, but the Ahmedabad Rural Court were more sympathetic to Dharti’s claims. They instructed the police to file a complaint against her husband, and he was subsequently arrested and given bail. Among the conditions of the arrested’s bail was an order that he ceases indulging in “acts for which the person is accused.”

People in India are not necessarily familiar with voodoo spells

Said Dharti: “People in India may not be aware of the voodoo doll. But such acts are prevalent in western countries where occult acts such as using pins or burning the doll are used to inflict pain on victim.”

Voodoo is the chief belief system on the Caribbean island of Haiti, and the word ‘voodoo’ means ‘mysterious forces or powers that govern the world and the live who reside within it’. The ‘religion’ originated in Benin but became popular in the Caribbean in the late 1600s. Voodoo is also practised in Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and in Louisiana in the USA.


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