In Sydney, Australia, a spiritual healing practitioner has been found not guilty of detaining a man against his will and performing a black magic ritual upon him. The healer – Riza Morinaj, 39 – was though found guilty of a second charge made against him, that of assault.

Although news of the event is sketchy, it appears that the ritual was sanctioned by the grandfather of the victim. The victim – who cannot be named legally – recently moved out of his mother’s house upon feeling that his parents were using his spouse as a slave. It is thought that the ritual was performed – at a family gathering – to rid the man of the ‘bad spirits’ within him that had caused him to make this decision.

Victim ‘fully consented’ to black magic ritual

In his defence, Morinaj said that the man had fully consented to the ritual, which involved the placement of suction cups upon the victim’s person, and the cutting of skin and flesh to draw out ‘evil’ black blood.

Morinaj’s barrister, John Selimi, also said that the victim had fully consented to the procedure in order to appease his grandfather, but then had later changed his story as so to “keep peace with his wife”.

Man found to be ‘infused’ with evil black magic

Morinaj added that he had performed this black magic procedure upon thousands of people all across the world with complete success, but only ever did so if he had the full permission of the person being subjected to the procedure. Upon this occasion, after observing his victim Morinaj concluded that the man was indeed infused with evil black magic that needed to be exorcised.

It took three days for the jury to deliberate and come to the verdict that Morinaj was not guilty in detaining the man or occasioning him actual bodily harm. Morinaj was though found guilty of the lesser charge of assault. Morinaj will be sentenced on November 2.


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