In an incident that shocked the small community of Marazion, Cornwall in January 2017, parts of the body of Kirby Noden, 32, were discovered in bin bags by a local refuse collector. It turned out that the woman had been murdered by her sadistic boyfriend – and a psychic correctly predicted the whole thing.

Dean Lowe, 33, claimed to have ‘blacked out’ and upon awakening found his partner Kirby’s body lying next to him. Panicking, he cut up Kirby’s body, flushed some of it down the toilet and put other parts out in bin bags for refuse collection. The police were called and Lowe was arrested and tried for murder, eventually being sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison.

Psychic says girl’s body “is in a mess”

Kirby’s mother Anita already knew that something terrible was about to happen to her daughter, as a psychic had told her a few months earlier. During a palm reading the psychic asked “who is the girl who has five children?” – Kirby had three children but lost two.

The psychic then went on to say that he saw prison bars, and someone behind them for a long time, before going on to say “I’m sorry to tell you this but her body is in a mess.”

Anita says she knew at once that the prison bars would be for Dean, but she thought that he would be convicted for drug offences, not for the sadistic murder of her beloved daughter.

The worst case ever heard at Exeter Crown Court

In one of the most terrible cases ever heard at Exeter Crown Court, all those present were forced to hear how drug-addled Lowe lived with Kirby’s remains in the flat they had shared for four months. He even claimed to police he had made a necklace out of Kirby’s teeth.

During his trail Lowe maintained his innocence, claiming he had been ‘set up’ and that Kirby was alive and working as a missionary in South Africa, despite Kirby’s body being identified.


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