A man in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has been arrested by police after complaints by the people he has duped. The black magic practitioner claimed he could double his clients’ money using black magic, but when arrested the police found a large amount of counterfeit bills about his person.

The man was allegedly advertising his services, saying that by using black magic he could double any amount of cash given to him. Clients would hand over small amounts of money, which the man would cast a black magic spell over and double – as it turned out using counterfeit bills. The delighted client would then hand over a large amount of cash, and the black magic man would promptly perform a disappearing act.

Police catch black magic money man in sting operation

Following a tip-off police in Sharjah launched a sting operation in which one of their officers approached the man to take up his ‘double your money’ offer. The man was then caught red-handed with a large amount of counterfeit bills in his possession.

Upon investigating, the police discovered that a large number of clients had been duped in this manner, although none of them had come forward to make a complaint, largely – it is thought – because they were embarrassed.

People told to be wary of black magic spells involving money

There has been a spate of fake black magic practitioners entering the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks offering ‘double your money’ spells and services. Only last week in Ajman, two men were arrested for offering to double their clients’ money using chemicals and black magic. They too were exposed by a sting operation.

The police in the UAE have warned the general public to be very wary of people offering to use black magic to double investments. Even people who use black magic on a regular basis say that ‘double your money’ spells should not be used as they often invoke evil spirits, and are therefore dangerous.


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