A restaurant owner has come up with a unique way of placing the blame for his restaurant’s recent failings – holding a statue of a three-headed snake responsible.

Manohar Kunwar, 45, is the owner of the Gurkha restaurant near Matlock, in the heart of the UK’s Peak District. Recently, the previously-popular dining establishment has fallen foul of many mishaps – gas shortages, flickering lights, power cuts and bad TripAdvisor reviews.

Owner discovers bizarre culprit for recent disasters

Mr Kunwar has blamed his restaurant’s recent failings on the statue of a three-headed snake which he claims had been hidden in the garden – and now that he has found and removed the statue his business is booming again.

The Matlock Gurkha opened in tiny Tansley, Derbyshire in 2016, and was soon bringing in thousands of pounds per week. But then takings dropped to as little as £70 per weekend. There were also issues with the gas and hot water then Mr Kunwar was forced to close his restaurant for an entire week while the problems were fixed.

Mr Kunwar investigated and was startled to discovered a strange, small statue of a three-headed snake hidden in the garden – the statue was removed and the problems ceased, and customers started flooding back.

Priest called in to lift a curse over failing eatery

Some TripAdvisor reviews left during May highlighted the enormity of the problem. One review said “we left after forty minutes of waiting for food and having one of the three starters bought [sic] out.” Another claimed “food took so long to come out that we ended up paying for our drinks and leaving before eating.”

More recent reviews indicate that The Matlock Gurkha is back on an even keel. One said “food is just awesome and it’s fresh and juicy“ and another stated “the food here is fantastic and great value.”

Mr Kunwar has reportedly now brought in a priest to help him remove any lingering residue of the problematic curse.


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