A Sydney-based spiritual healer currently pursuing a defamation lawsuit over posts on social media has complained that the barrister acting on behalf of the defence has painted him as a ‘madman’.

Fifty-four year old Serge Benhayon – a former tennis coach – is currently suing his former client Esther Rocket over posts she has made on social media. In her posts Ms Rocket accused Benhayon of touching her ‘inappropriately’ and performing a ‘sleazy overian reading’ upon her.

Spiritual Healing practitioner slammed by former client

Among other claims Ms Rocket has said that Mr Benhayon is ‘dishonest’, ‘delusional’ and the leader of a ‘socially harmful cult’ – all of which Mr Benhayon denies.

‘Overian Reading’ is a controversial technique pioneered by Benhayon’s Universal Medicine religious organisation. This technique – as described by Ms Rocket – involves the manipulation of areas of a woman most people would describe as ‘intimate’.

Mr Benhayon has stated that the reading, which took place in 2005, actually never happened, as Universal Medicine was not offering such a technique at the time. However, in court, a 2010 audio recording was played in which Mr Benhayon stated that he has been able to detect when a woman’s ovaries were shrivelled since 1999.

Spiritual healing techniques questioned by barrister

During the trial Mr Benhayon has been cross-examined by the lawyer acting on behalf of Ms Rocket, barrister Tom Molomby, SC. The healer was questioned over the healing techniques he used that he described as “great for cases of rape recovery”.

In retaliation Mr Benhayon – who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and that corrupt authority figures are re-incarnated as disabled people – accused Molomby of “playing games” and trying to make him look like a “madman”.

The trial continues.


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