A businessman in Ahmedabad has committed suicide after killing his wife and 15-year-old daughter. In the suicide note he left, he blamed ‘black magic’ for his drinking habit. His mother survived the attack, but remains critically ill in hospital.

The 45-year-old poisoned and strangled his wife and daughter, Police suspect. The man – named as Kunal Trivedi – was a resident of the Hari Darshan apartments in Naroda. Trivedi, along with his wife, 40, and daughter were found dead in their home on Tuesday.

Man leaves suicide note citing black magic for his actions

The Assistant Commissioner of Police in Naroda informed the Times of India about the suicide note. Consisting of three pages, it blamed ‘occult practices’ and ‘evil forces’ for the murder-suicide.

Relatives alerted the police on Tuesday after being unable to contact Trivedi or his family all day. Police visited Trivedi’s residence but were unable to obtain a response. Upon breaking down the door, they found Trivedi’s mother unconscious. Next, they discovered Trivedi hanging from a ceiling fan, and his wife and daughter’s bodies.

Naroda shaken by black magic tragedy

Preliminary investigations revealed that Trivedi’s wife and daughter had both been poisoned. Marks on their necks suggest that the pair of them had been strangled too. Trivedi’s mother had not been poisoned, but it is unclear as to how she was rendered unconscious. Police are not, as yet, concluding that Trivedi is the only person responsible for this family tragedy.

The suicide note was addressed to Trivedi’s mother. In it Trivedi said to her “I have told you many times about evil forces, but you thought it was because of my drinking habit.” He also said that she did not understand his addition to alcohol. If she had, he claimed, then she would have also understood why he had take his own life, and that of his wife and daughter.


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