A pet psychic in Australia has warned cat and dog owners that forthcoming changes in the weather could see their pets become considerably friskier. She has advised that pet owners should get their animals desexed or risk the creation of unwanted litters.

Spiritualist, healer and pet psychic Rose Smith – owner of Absolute Soul Secrets on the Gold Coast – is the person whom is giving this advice. She says that forthcoming climate changes that bring warmer and windier weather could cause a nation-wide animal ‘sex frenzy’.

Climate change unsettles pets, says pet psychic

Changes in weather conditions unsettle pets on a spiritual level as they don’t understand why it can be warm and sunny one day, then windy and rainy the next. As animals are geared to reproduce in the spring, unexpected weather conditions can confuse them and results in them becoming over-sexed and a little too frisky.

Australia has been experiencing some unsettled weather this week as the climate moves away from the winter months. The unseasonably warm and windy weather is likely to continue for the next few weeks at least.

Ms Smith has been running Absolute Soul Secrets for eighteen years and has performed countless animal psychic readings in that time. She says that she is able to connect with people’s pets ‘on a spiritual level’ and has been featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Spiritual healer explains how cats are typically psychic

Cats, she says, have amazing psychic abilities as they have ‘superior powers in observation and instinct’ compared to human beings, who are constantly listening to the thoughts within their heads.

In addition ‘animals don’t have that peculiar human trait of overthinking things, they deal with reality appropriately.’

Absolute Soul Secrets was established in 2000 and consists of a team of clairvoyants, astrologers, tarot card readers and dream interpretation experts, among others.


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