A thirty-seven year old man in Kandhamal, India has suffered serious burns after a black magic ritual intended to cure him of his disabilities went wrong, with disastrous results.

Bhawani Shankar Nanda of Vagamunda cannot walk properly and has been disabled since birth. Fed up with his disability, Bhawani turned to his local priests, who said they were able to heal his disabilities via a black magic ritual.

Black magic ritual performed by priests in Vagamunda, Kandhamal, India

During the ritual Bhawani was stripped down to his undergarments and then suspended upside down over a furnace filled with ferocious flames. The priests chanted and played music, and fuelled the fire with clarified butter. All seemed to be going well until the rope holding Bhawani failed and he fell into the fire.

Fortunately, one of the priests was on hand to quickly drag Bhawani from the flames. It is not known whether the priest suffered any burns as a result of his bravery.

Bhawani suffered terrible burns to his face, chest and hands during the ritual, which was not completed and therefore did not heal his inability to walk properly.

Local people and Bhawani’s relatives rushed him to the nearest hospital where he received immediate treatment for his injuries. After treatment the injured man was said to be in a stable condition.

Medical staff warn against using black magic to cure disabilites

Doctors though were dismayed to learn how Bhawani obtained his injuries, dismissing the black magic ritual as ‘dangerous’ and ‘potentially life-threatening’. They promised to look into the extent of Bhawani’s disabilities in the near future and what they can do to make walking easier.

It is not known if any criminal charges are to be brought against the priests who held this unsuccessful black magic ritual.

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