A personal trainer has claimed he spotted the ghostly figure of Henry VII at Hurst Castle in Hampshire recently, and now a psychic has confirmed that the spirit could be the former King of England, who does indeed occasionally reside there.

Thirty-three year old Tony Ferguson spied the lurking figure while visiting Hurst Castle and even filmed his spooky encounter. A psychic has come forward and explained that the spectre could be that of Henry VII, the English king famed for his six wives.

Psychic’s friend captures spooky footage of ghostly encounter

In the chilling footage, a murky figure moves towards a window and takes a peak at the outside world. It then moves back inside, although something can be observed still looking out of the window. The terrifying figure appears to have glowing eyes, and does not appear to be friendly.

Explanations have come forth about the spooky observation – including the one that suggest it is the ghost of the ‘Good King Henry’ – although Mr Ferguson offers a different explanation; that the spook is a former caretaker of the castle.

Personal trainer recalls frightening psychic encounter

Said Mr Ferguson: “I didn’t see the figure until I watched the footage back but the whole time I was in the castle I felt something watching me. When I watched the video back I was shocked. It’s quite a scary-looking figure.”

On a previous visit to the castle Mr Ferguson – along with leading psychic Paul Cissell – reported encountering an ‘eerie white mist’. Cissell also came to the conclusion that the apparition is indeed a former castle caretaker without completely ruling out the possibility that it could be Henry VII himself.

The castle in Hampshire was established by Henry VIII between 1541 and 1544. There have been plenty of spooky sightings there before, with multiple reports of a ghostly monk roaming the castle’s chilly corridors.


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