Authorities in Nigeria and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime are seeking ways to educate woman whom are lured from their native country to work as prostitutes in Europe, fearful of black magic being used against them.

It is a common tactic of Nigerian sex traffickers to lure woman into their clutches with the promise of lucrative jobs outside of Nigeria. However, a ‘black magic’ ritual is performed on the woman once they are ‘captured’ and they are sent on as prostitutes.

Nigerian women are lured by the promise of legitimate work

The women are told that should they choose to run away, refuse to work or go to the authorities black magic procedures will be used against them to make them ill, disfigured or even to kill them.

One woman who was sent to become a sex slave in Russia told how she was lured into a trafficking ring by her local pastor. She was then subjected to a ‘black magic’ ritual using hair taken from her head, armpits and private parts that was alleged to ‘bind’ her to her abductors.

After earning over €45,000 for her captors the woman told them that she’d had enough and escaped back to Nigerian. However – to her horror – a series of lesions then broke out all over her face.

Most of Nigeria is still fearful of ‘black magic’ techniques

The woman was utterly convinced the legions occurred because she had broken the ‘black magic bond’ her captors had cursed her with.

Many woman are lured into sex trafficking as they are desperate to seek an escape from Nigeria’s poverty. According to figures issued by The World Poverty Clock nearly 90 million people – roughly half the country’s population – earn the equivalent of less than two US dollars a day.

Black magic is an easy tool for sex traffickers to use as a weapon. In Nigeria’s poorer areas as many as ninety percent of the population say they believe that black magic can be used for evil actions.


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