Renowned TV psychic Sally Morgan – recent star of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK – has announced that new royal princess Meghan Markle will reveal that she is with child in the next three months or so.

‘Psychic to the Stars’ Morgan, 66, was appearing on ITV’s vastly successful Loose Women programme, which was her first TV appearance since she lasted until the final day in the latest series of the UK version of Big Brother.

Psychic Morgan makes chilling prediction for the royals in 2019

Morgan also said that “next year there will be a restructure within the Royal Family” although she was quick to add this doesn’t automatically means she foresees a death. Her Majesty the Queen will be 93 next year, while her husband Prince Phillip will be 98.

Despite her history of successful predictions (although Morgan was proven to be incorrect about her choice of the eventual winner of the latest series of Big Brother), her fellow panelist, the journalist and broadcaster Janet Street-Porter, was unconvinced about her psychic prowess.

“This isn’t very controversial is it?” said Street-Porter. “I mean the country’s all waiting for Meghan to get pregnant, it’s just a matter of time.”

The psychic reading expert Morgan was ridiculed in the Big Brother House

Sally made several predictions while a resident in the Big Brother house, although as her fellow housemates pointed out that she got many predictions wrong. She claimed that a female would walk out of the house early on in the season which did not happen – although Donald Trump’s former mistress Stormy Daniels was to appear in the series but failed to show up in an alleged row over money.

Morgan is not the only psychic to predict the patter of tiny feet for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – psychic twins Terry and Linda Jameson recently predicted that the royal couple would announce that they are expecting their first child before the end of the year too.


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