A man in Stockport, Greater Manchester, has reported a ghostly encounter with a spooky figure he claims bore a striking resemblance to ‘Uncle Fester’ – a character from the popular 1960s sitcom and 1990s movie series ‘The Addams Family’.

Jake Parr, 30, also claims he saw a second ghostly apparition – the spectre of a little girl – at the same location.

Man recalls creepy and kooky encounter with spectral figure

Parr was – for reasons unexplained – investigating an underground bunker and taking photographs of anything of interest he found there. When a sudden chill came over him, he started taking more pictures, and was stunned to discover when he looked over them the ghost of the Addams family member.

Said Parr: “When I was down there, it felt really creepy and almost as though someone was following us. But it wasn’t until I looked back at the photographs that I realised how creepy it really was. I was shocked when I looked at the photographs of the ghost in the door, it looked like Uncle Fester, it was definitely an old bald man.”

Mysterious and spooky photograph reveals evidence of psychic encounter

A second photograph shows a small girl lying against a set of steps. Parr added: “When we were down there, there was a lot of activity on the electronic voice phenomenon, which we use when we go ghost hunting. Hopefully one day I will be able to do a full paranormal investigation down there!”

In the 1960s hit TV series – based on a successful strip cartoon – Uncle Fester was played by Jackie Coogan. Former child actor Coogan, who appeared with Charlie Chaplin in the classic 1921 movie ‘The Kid’ – died in 1984. In the 1990 movies Christopher Lloyd took over the iconic role – Lloyd is now aged 79 but is very much still alive.


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