A family in New Zealand say they do not believe the chilling premonition made by a psychic in regards to missing woman Theres’a Ulrich. Urlich was last seen in February this year, and the police have not even come close to explaining the woman’s mysterious disappearance so far.

Urlich’s family have not given up hope, and are refusing to take seriously the psychic’s scary statement – that Ulrich was raped and then murdered before her body was dumped close to a red barn.

Theres’a Ulrich has not been seen since early February this year

It was February 4 when Ulrich’s whereabouts was last known. She had hitchhiked from Northland at the tip of the northern island to Kaeo, where her cousin lived. While there she showered, put on a change of clothes, had dinner and then departed. The woman has not been seen since.

A few weeks later a mystery psychic source contacted Vervies Barnes, Ulrich’s cousin. According to Barnes, the psychic claimed Ulrich met an unfortunate end at the hands of a “rough-looking man wearing camouflage gear, with a beard and wearing a ring on the third finger of his left had with a green stone.”

Psychic reveals gruesome details of woman’s murder

The psychic went on to say that the attack happened in Peria, some fifty or so kilometres west of Kaeo. Ulrich was assaulted, raped and then murdered, and her body dumped close to a red barn.

Although the fearful Ulrich family did not believe the psychic’s tale, all information was passed on to the local police. A spokesman from the police said that it was their policy not to work with psychics.

Chair of the New Zealand Skeptics Society, Craig Shearer, condemned the interference of the psychic, saying that the person was a ‘grief vampire’.


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