A fake psychic and black magic practitioner in Maryland has been sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted of defrauding her clients of the huge sum of $340,000. The judge sentencing her has described her actions as “awful”.

Advertising her services as a ‘Psychic Reader and Advisor’, Gina Marie Marks, 45, set up shop in Bethesda in Southern Maryland. She would offer her fake black magic services to anyone who needed them with one important clause – all services came with a hefty price tag.

Among Marks’ victims were:

  • A 26-year-old woman who contacted Marks after being promised the psychic could re-unite her with her estranged boyfriend. Total amount paid: $23,792.
  • A 28-year-old woman who was also seeking comfort following a relationship break-up. Marks told her she could improve her romance prospects. Total amount paid: $82,713.
  • A 26-year-old man who went to Marks to find out why he was feeling depressed. Marks told him she had the answers for him. Total amount paid: $2,655.

Two other victims were defrauded of $78,758 and $153,400.

It was Marks’s mode of operation to have her clients indulge in bizarre ceremonies involving candles, rose petals, magnets and always, hard cash. Marks told them that she could conjure evil spirits to leave the person they were allegedly bewitching, and into the bills, which Marks would then dispose of. The more bills that were ‘donated’, the greater the amount of evil spirits that could be exorcised.

Fake psychic used technology to spoof her victims

She would also make ‘spoof’ calls, claiming that her clients would receive phone calls from lost loved ones at specific times, which they were not to answer. In truth, it was Marks doing the calling, using techniques that would make the desired phone number appear on the receiving person’s caller display.

In mitigation, Marks said she would repay her clients $130,000 and asked to be spared prison time in order to be given time to earn more money so she could repay them further. Judge John Maloney did not accept her offer, and sentenced her to six years of time behind bars.

This is Marks’s fifth conviction for psychic fraud. Earlier this year she was featured in a TV program called Pink Collar Crimes which outlined detective Bob Nygaard’s decade-long quest to bring her to justice.


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