A few days ago we reported on the bizarre news that Beyonce’s former drummer – Kimberley Thompson – had accused the internationally-acclaimed singer of using witchcraft and black magic against her, in effect ruining her life. Now, more details have emerged about Thompson’s pursuit of a restraining order against her former employee.

Also a semi-successful solo artist, Thompson was once part of Beyonce’s all-girl backing band, but left over a year ago. Now Thompson has claimed that “She’s [Beyonce] not been able to let me go, she’s not been able to let me progress into a mature woman and work with other people.”

Beyonce using witchcraft to ‘control kitten’

Allegedly, Thompson approached two psychics in order to find out why her recently-acquired kitten had been attacking her. The psychics examined the kitten and deduced that Beyonce was regularly using black magic in order to possess the kitten and initiate the attacks.

In a previous report it was suggested that Beyonce had murdered Thompson’s kitten. The current status of the kitten is unknown, although – alarmingly – Thompson was told about the young feline “you need to get rid of it right away, otherwise you’ll be in really, really huge trouble.”

‘Black magic used’ by Beyonce for sexual manipulation

More light has been shed on Thompson’s claims that her former employer has used black magic to enable her to sexually manipulate Thompson. A psychic has told the drummer that Beyonce did so by “jumping into other bodies” so she could watch Thompson be intimate with her partners.

“This has been going on for a very long time so it has taken God’s strength to really make me get up and stand up for myself, starting with the restraining order.” said Kimberley. “I don’t want anything to do with this person at all.”

Thompson’s request for a permanent restraining order has been denied. Beyonce has made no comment on the accusations herself.


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