A woman – named only as Bridget – has shared an after-life experience in which she claims to have been taken through a vortex at the centre of the universe, where she met God.

Bridget thought her life was over when she was seriously injured in a car crash. Even though paramedics arrived to save her, she experienced a few moments of ‘death’ and has now described precisely what happened to her.

In a written account published by the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Bridget described the feeling that she was ‘on the brink of death’ and when she looked above her, some kind of ‘vortex’ opened up in the heavens.

Woman describes her after-life experience at the centre of the Universe

“Within the hole were stars but, not the stars we see outside our atmosphere at night rather, it was the centre of the universe. Just outside the hole were light orbs going in and out of the hole, they were different brightnesses, colours and shapes.”

Once she had entered the vortex Bridget claims that she met God, whom was dwelling within one of the orbs. Alongside God Bridget sensed that a second light orb contained Jesus, whom she described as ‘the guardian of our planet.’

“I was not raised religious nor was I baptised,” Bridget continued. “This was a being so pure, so benevolent, and so non-judgemental I could barely comprehend the level of compassion this being possessed.”

Woman learns ‘everything’ during her post-death, psychic episode

During her brief time in the afterlife Bridget found that she suddenly knew “everything there is to know and un-know.” Her time was ended when the paramedics successfully resuscitated her.

Critical care experts often describe how patients whom have experienced near-death have described ‘tunnels of light’, ‘meeting God and loved ones’ and ‘feeling at one with the Universe’. However, they put this down to pure physical reactions – hallucinations created by the brain as it seeks to ease the pain of dying – rather than spiritual or supernatural.


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