A recent trio of deaths in Westport, Fairfield County did not lead police to suspect anything amiss – one of the people whom died was in her 90s, after all – but the sister of one of the ‘victims’ has now uncovered a grisly secret – voodoo could be to blame for all three of the deaths.

It began with a family feud. Esther was in her 90s but with failing health. She lived with her son Roger in the home she owned. Roger’s health was not the best either, and he was in his 60s.

One day when Roger was out, his sister Vivian came to visit. She explained to her mother that Roger’s ill health meant that he was likely to put Esther in a nursing home. Her mother, who did not wish such a thing to happen, signed over her home to Vivian, giving her complete power of attorney.

Sister pays the ultimate black magic price for betraying her family

Once she owned the property, Vivian put Esther in a nursing home anyway and told Roger to leave. Esther’s mother died just a few days after being turfed out of her house.

Vivian’s enjoyment of her new property lasted just two months. She suffered a ruptured spleen and passed away unexpectedly. Roger passed away from his own health issues just six months later, meaning that all three had died over an eight month period.

The house passed to Esther’s second daughter, Amanda, and it was her who uncovered a grisly secret. Upon clearing the house she found a doll in Roger’s room to which had been attached three photographs – one of Esther, one of Amanda and one of a person unknown. The doll was stuck with pins in the classic voodoo style.

Finder of the voodoo doll now plagued with paranormal activity

Upon her discovery Amanda’s home began to experience supernatural happenings – objects would move on their own and doors would slam. Terrified, Amanda handed the doll to the care of a paranormal investigator, and the weird occurrences abruptly ceased.

The identity of the third person whose photograph was attached to the doll has yet to be ascertained, but it is thought it could be one of Roger’s former business associates. Whether he remains alive has not been established.


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