Police have been called to Pamara, a village close to Sundergarh in the Odisha district of India, to investigate reports of an attack on a female member of the community. They later arrested four members of the same family, who said they has attacked the woman because she was practicing witchcraft.

The woman has been identified as Dukhi Bariha, and she is fifty-five years old. The lead member of the foursome whom have been arrested is Ram Barik. The attack happened last Monday, September 24th.

Woman accused of using black magic to hinder the lives of her attackers

Police have found out that members of the Barik family have long suspected that Bariha has been using black magic against them. In a feud between the two families, the Bariks claim that Bariha’s witchcraft powers have stopped them from leading a prosperous life.

Matters came to a head on the morning of the 24th. The daughter of Ram Barik confronted Bariha about her alleged sorcery and a dispute erupted between them. Later that day, Ram, his wife, his son and his daughter entered the Bariha property and attacked Dukhi with an axe.

Alleged black magic rituals land woman in hospital with appalling injuries

Bariha’s son went to the police after taking his mother to the district headquarters hospital. Bariha had suffered terrible injuries to her hands and chest. Her condition was described as critical.

The police investigated the attack and immediately arrested the four members of the Barik family. Further inquiries into the nature of the attack have commenced.

It is now understood that this is not the first time that the Barik family have accused Bariha of using witchcraft against them, and there are rumours circulating that she has previously been kidnapped and tortured by them. It is not known what evidence the family has that suggests that Bariha has been using black magic to spoil their lives.


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