Bob the psychic two-toed sloth, whom successfully predicted that Germany would win 2014’s FIFA World Cup, has passed away. Toronto Zoo revealed that Bob has been euthanised as a result of his persistent health issues.

Via social media the zoo explained that the seven-year-old sloth has passed into whatever psychic realm sloths enter when they pass on. Bob had been losing weight over the past few months, and this – coupled with a loss of appetite – had begun to concern the people in charge of his upkeep

Bob’s condition has deteriorated over the past few months

Despite intensive levels of care from the expert staff at the zoo, and repeated visits by off-site veterinarians, Bob’s condition continued to worsen. The difficult decision was then made this weekend to put a peaceful end to Bob’s life, instead of allowing his health to deteriorate further.

An autopsy revealed that Bob had an abnormal amount of Vitamin D within his system. Bob shared an enclosure with a group of marmosets, whom naturally thrive on a high Vitamin D diet. It is thought this was the main contributor to Bob’s deterioration, and it meant that his illness was irreversible.

Bob rose to fame as a psychic animal in the summer of 2014

Bob rose to fame in 2014 when zoo officials would gauge his opinion on many of the matches that occurred during that summer’s World Cup finals, which were held in Brazil. They did so by offering a choice of two flags – one representing each country in a particular game. Psychic Bob would reach out and select the flag of the country he predicted would win.

Bob’s accuracy rate was a staggering seventy percent – much better than other famous psychic animals such as Paul the Octopus, whom passed away at his home in an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany in 2010.


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