One of the most eerie places in the world is Mexico’s ‘Isla de las Muñecas’ or the ‘Island of the Dolls’. Here, hundreds of children’s dolls hang from trees, placed by the island’s inhabitants and tourists. Now, a psychic has issued a chilling warning – aliens are possessing the island’s dolls and will use them as slaves when they invade the planet.

The rumour is that the ‘doll hanging’ began in the 1950s when the body of a young woman was found drowned in one of the canals that run parallel to the island. The island’s owner – Don Julian Santana – found a doll close to the woman and hung it from a tree as a mark of respect.

Doll-hanging began as a means of protection against evil spirits

However, Don Julian soon found that he had fallen foul of the woman’s spirit. He began to hear whispers and wailing, which he assumed to be from the woman’s failure to pass into the next world. He began to hang more dolls in an attempt to scare her spirit, and to protect himself.

Don Julian then spent the next fifty years hanging dolls throughout the island, and the superstitious island inhabitants joined in too. Don Julian died in 2001, but now tourists visit the island to see the hanging dolls, and bring their own toys to add to the attraction.

Psychic reading reveals Earth is on the brink of an alien invasion

Now an unnamed US-based psychic has told people they need to stop hanging the dolls. Upon visiting the island, the psychic fell into a trance and uncovered the truth – alien beings are preparing to invade the earth, and these dolls will ‘awaken’ and become their slaves when they do.

The psychic advised tourists to also check on the dolls – any doll that seems to vibrate or to give off an inexplicable feeling of alarm should be removed, as it has already been possessed.

The psychic contacted local police with his findings, but they chose to take no action.


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