Poachers have broken into the Akwaaba Predator Park around eighty miles west of Johannesburg, South Africa and poisoned five lions. One of the lions – Mufasa – was found mutilated having had his face and paws hacked off. Staff have stated they feel that the lion may have been killed and disfigured so his removed parts can be used in black magic rituals.

It is thought that it was the intention of the poachers to mutilate all five lions that they had killed in a similar manner but that they were disturbed after removing the face and feet of Mufasa, and fled.

Security staff make a gruesome late night discovery

Security guards whom were patrolling the park late at night disturbed the poachers whom had poisoned the lions at around half eleven. By the time the wildlife park staff had arrived, all five lions were dead.

Staff are distraught at the loss of their beloved lions, most of whom had been raised at the wildlife park from cubs. Mufasa was hugely loved by people whom worked at the park and safari tourists, having been named after the Disney character from the film ‘The Lion King’.

Distraught workers at the park have called the incident “an absolute waste of life”. The manager of the park, Bronwyn Moss, called the incident “Heartbreaking. All the lions were hand reared from when they were cubs so it’s like losing five children.”

Big cat body parts are in demand for use in black magic rituals

Akwaaba Predator Park is offered a reward of ZAR 100,000 (about $7,000 or £5,500) for any information about the senseless killings.

There have been several examples of poachers killing lions and tigers and removing body parts over the last couple of years in South Africa. At one point in 2016 thirteen lions and tigers were killed and mutilated in one month alone.

Big cat body parts are highly prized by trophy hunters and black magic practitioners. It is thought that such parts can be used to cure some human ailments including rheumatism and stomach ulcers, as well as increasing male vitality.


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