Richard Bremer received an unexpected visitor during his long-awaited lung transplant – the owner of the lung whom had donated it to him. There was an eerie aspect to this visitation though – the organ donor had died a few days beforehand.

Twenty-three year old Megan Twist was killed in a road traffic accident in November 2016. She carried a donor card with her and her heart, one lung, liver and both kidneys were all used in transplant operations. Bremer had been on the lung transplant list for two and a half years, and had all but given up hope of enjoying a long and healthy life.

Man experiences positive psychic encounter while receiving a new lung

During a ten-hour surgery late in 2016, Richard was seemingly aware of his surroundings, even though he remained unconscious throughout the entire procedure. To his amazement, he saw the face of a young woman on the television in his hospital room.

Even though he did not know the name of the woman, Richard understood that it was the face of the person whom had kindly donated her lung to him. “She was with me,” he said. “She’s been here the whole time. That was what I was trying to say, but I had so many hoses hooked to me and all the stuff attached to me I couldn’t talk.”

Richard later contacted Megan’s family and told them of his encounter. “God allowed that for us, I believe, through Richard to comfort a very, very shattered family,” said Megan’s mother. “It has meant the world to us.”

Organ donor’s family astounded and excited by the psychic news

When Richard went to meet Megan’s family, he took along a batch of Ghirardelli brownies. To Megan’s family’s amazement, these were Megan’s favourites.

“There is life after death, beyond a shadow of a doubt. “ says Richard. “I believe that I got to see it. She stepped out of the light and came back and told me it wasn’t my time and she would be breathing for me.”


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