Residents of the Russian village of Zavetny, in the Krasnodar region, claim they are under attack from dozens of ‘voodoo dolls’ which have suddenly started appearing around the local area, with no explanation of how they are materialising.

The dolls began appearing a month or so ago, and are typically found pierced with needles in a typical voodoo doll fashion. They are also usually found attired in school uniforms or girls clothing.

Residents complain that the creepy voodoo dolls are making them ill

Zavetny has a large population of senior citizens, and such people are complaining to the police that these dolls are making them feeling ill, and are raising their blood pressure. The dolls are usually found nailed to trees and fences or propped up at bus stops.

One resident said: “Two were sitting at a bus stop. A doll in a pink ball gown was found in the park. A curse has been put on our village.”

Under instructions from the local council, the police are studying CCTV images in an effort to discover whom is placing these scary dolls throughout the local area.

Source of the unsettling voodoo dolls has now been uncovered

The source of the dolls is now thought to have been identified. Originally, they were in the possession of a local culture museum, having previously been used at a puppet theatre. When the museum closed, they were rescued from the trash by a security guard named Tatyana Kokoreva. Kokoreva then passed them to his daughter, a teacher at a local school. The school rejected them as ‘too scary’ and they were dumped again. Now someone, it seems, has resurrected them.

The police have now gathered together all the dolls that have been left around the village and burned them, hoping that this will allay the residents’ fear that the village is cursed.


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