In one of the most bizarre – and spookiest – claims ever made, actor and Strictly Come Dancing champion Joe McFadden has claimed that he ignored the advice of a ghost that dwelt within his flat, and suffered a burglary as a result.

Forty-two year-old McFadden rose to fame via his roles in the dramas The Crow Road (based on the best-selling book by the late Ian Banks) and Sex, Chips & Rock n’ Roll. In 2017 he took part in the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, winning the competition final. He has now described how his flat was burgled, despite the wise warning words of a home-dwelling spirit.

Psychic reveals ghost living in celebrity’s apartment

On an episode of the ITV panel show Loose Women Joe described how a psychic friend of his ‘whom talks to ghosts’ described a phantom living within Joe’s abode. The ghost was of a man who was frequently ‘observed’ sitting on Joe’s stairs, cradling a small animal that might have been a ferret.

Via Joe’s friend, the phantom animal-lover gave Joe a piece of random advice: “always keep your terrace doors locked”.

McFadden has flat burgled despite advice after psychic reading

Despite receiving this common-sense warning Joe often left his terrace doors locked, thinking that as his flat was on the fifth floor, it was unlikely for him to be burgled. It was then with some shock that Joe returned home from his performance in a pantomime one evening to find that thieves had indeed broken into his adobe and stolen several precious and expensive items.

To add insult to injury Joe admitted that he had not bothered sorting out any contents insurance – a situation he has now rectified.

During his interview on Loose Women Joe did not reveal if his ferret-fancying phantom had given him any further advice, such as fitting burglar alarms.


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