Lakshya Singh, 23, an unemployed model from Mumbai, has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of his mother Sunita, 45. When questioned by police, the model denied that he is the murderer, and claims that ‘black magic’ is responsible.

Fashion designer Sunita Singh was found dead in her apartment in Lokhandwala, Oshiwara, on Thursday morning. It appeared she had suffered a head injury that resulted in her death. Her son, Lakshya, was arrested and charged with culpable homicide – a charge meaning that the suspect caused the victim’s death without deliberately meaning to kill – and placed in police custody for three days.

Victim suffered life-threatening wound following argument with son

According to the police, Sunita and Lakshya were embroiled in an argument at the apartment which ended with Lakshya pushing his mother to the floor. Lakshya left the flat but upon his return found that his mother was unconscious in the bathroom. He called an ambulance, but they declared that Sunita was already dead before their arrival.

Upon questioning, Lakshya revealed that both he and his mother – plus his fiancee, Aaeshpriya Banerjee, 22, whom also shared the apartment with the pair – were regular drug users. During an argument in the bathroom over finances, Lakshya had shoved his mother who fell and hit her head on the wash basin. The next time he saw his mother, she was dead.

Suspect claims ‘dead father’ possessed mother via black magic means

Lakshya claims that he did not kill his mother – the ‘black magic’ spirit of his late father did. After the argument Lakshy had journeyed to his local temple to ask a priest to perform a ritual for his mother, whom he believed to be possessed by his dead father.

It is thought likely that Sunita could have been saved if her head injury had been attended to immediately, and she had not be left alone for hours. It’s also thought that the police are giving zero credence to the drug-addicted Lakshya Singh’s ‘black magic’ claims.


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