Police in Khar, Mumbai have arrested a forty-five year old man who’s been running a black magic scam that may have cheated several people out of a great deal of money. He claimed to be a powerful ‘black magic magician’ but potential patients visiting his ‘clinic’ said that his treatments did nothing at all.

The scam came to light when a patient of the magician contacted police, annoyed that he had been duped out of 53,000 rupees (around $700 or £550). The victim – a Khar resident named Sumankant Somnath Kaul – had approached the magician who claimed he could cure Kaul’s depression. After handing over the cash and undergoing the ritual, Kaul’s felt no different.

Black magic practitioner claimed he could cure all known ailments, with hypnosis

The magician had offered his services via an advert in a daily newspaper, claiming he could cure many types of illnesses including all diseases and ailments such as knee joint pain, psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, and even broken bones.

According to Kaul, the magician claimed he had ‘hypnotised’ him and while in a hypnotic stake the fake guru performed a ‘black magic’ treatment.

Police will hold black magician in custody, while a search is conducted

Under Indian Law it is illegal to offer medical services that are advertised as ‘black magic’ or are in any way, unproven or unscientific. Following the complaint, the black magic practitioner was arrested last Sunday, and will be held in custody until Wednesday.

At this moment in time it is unclear as to how many people have used the services of the fake magician, although it seems the clinic has been running for at least six weeks, and possibly even longer. The police will be carrying out an extensive search of the black magic magician’s home and business premises over the next few days.


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