Jennie Marie – known in many quarters as ‘Mama Medium’ – is a paranormal communicator whom is used to speaking to those that have passed on. Now she is putting her spiritual gifts to a different use, in becoming the ‘voice’ of a paralysed women whom is unable to speak.

A young lady called Jacquelyn was admitted to hospital for what should have been a routine procedure for weight-loss surgery. Sadly, complications arose that left Jacquelyn unable to speak or move. Now she is communicating with the outside world, using the psychic skills of Jennie Marie.

Emphatic clairvoyant describes allowing mute woman to speak through her

“I’m going to the house of a young couple with a woman, who is paralysed from the neck down. She is unable to speak,” the clairvoyant has explained. “I’m going to have to do an empathetic read, which means I’m literally going to have to feel her energy and translate what she is feeling or thinking or wants to say.”

Jennie is featured in TLC’s new series in the USA, which is called ‘Mama Medium’. In the show she will also be using her clairvoyant talents in the usual fashion, talking to – amongst others – a mother who unexpectedly lost a small child and a family who lost their father in an airplane disaster.

TV series will showcase psychic readings and clairvoyant’s home life

The show will focus on Jennie’s gifts and the developing gifts of her three sons, around the family’s home town of Rochester, New York.

Jennie is one of New York’s most successful – and not to say expensive – empathic psychic mediums. She offers readings from her Rochester office at a rate of $225 per hour. She is also the author of the book ‘My Life as a Double XL Medium’, which chronicles her life as an overweight child, teenager and adult, and the discovery of her amazing gifts.


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