The court officers of the Port of Spain’s Magistrate’s Court, Trinidad, made a bizarre discovery on Monday morning when opening up for the day – a severed chicken’s head attached by a red ribbon to a small, black, cardboard coffin. It is thought that the odd offering had been placed there by someone hoping to instigate a voodoo curse on the building.

The former President of the Inter-religious Organisation (IRO), Brother Harrypersad Maharaj, has warned that ‘black magic is real’ and that the Magistrate’s Court in Port of Spain is now indeed cursed.

Voodoo rituals are prevalent in Trinidad & Tobago

“People do rituals and sacrifices and sometimes when they do sacrifices, they use different kinds of animals,” he said. “The fowl-cock is one of them that I have heard about. I have never seen it but I have heard about that. And when they do these things, it is associated with black magic and negative things.”

Maharaj went on to add that it is a person’s spirituality that determines the effect that such a curse will have upon them.

“Whilst it is reality, the question is although people do this, how much power do they actually have? I believe that once you are a spiritually strong person, no such things can really affect you. Someone who has a very strong spiritual background will not accept that those things will have an impact on them.”

Current Archbishop dismissive of former IRO leader’s black magic claims

Barbara Gray-Burke, the current Archbishop of the IRO, says she does not agree with Maharaj’s claims, putting the incident down as being caused by a mischief maker.

“It’s just somebody who wants to be noticed and feel they could terrorise people. I don’t believe in those things,” she said.

The Magistrate’s Court has yet to report any ill effects, and the items have been disposed of.


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