A sixteen-year-old girl from Payneville, Springs in Ekurhuleni, South Africa survived a nasty attack that nearly resulted in her death. She has claimed that her assailants “wanted to rip out my heart for juju.” Juju is an African term for witchcraft.

The girl was walking from her home in Springs when she was set upon by two men. She was dragged into a bush and attacked. One of the men stood guard while the other one began to stab her body. She was left in no uncertain terms of what they wanted as they shouted “we want your heart” at her.

Sixteen-year-old describes horrific black magic attack

“I felt the knife as it went into my body,” said the young girl. “I couldn’t scream as he gagged me with his left hand and stabbed me with his right. I closed my eyes and prayed. I felt the knife in my chest.”

The potential killer stabbed her repeatedly in her left armpit and back, telling her not to scream. “The man then stabbed me in the chest, ready to open my body so he could rip out my heart.” said the girl.

Fortunately for the victim, three people passed by and saw what was happening. The girl pleaded for help and the attackers fled.

The sixteen-year-old was taken to the Far East Hospital in Springs. Doctors drained her wounds and stopped her internal bleeding. The girl has gone on to make a full recovery.

Ritual killings for witchcraft purposes are a problem in many areas of South Africa

Superstitious rituals remain prevalent in certain areas of South Africa, and residents in those areas say they are fearful for their lives. “Our area is becoming scary. The people who are doing this are definitely not from here,” said one resident.

Police in Springs have confirmed that they are treating the attack as attempted murder, and that a case has been opened.


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