You just can’t get away from the self-dubbed ‘Psychic Twins’ at the moment. Just over a month ago they predicted that Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle would ‘soon’ be announcing the arrival of their first child. On the morning of Monday, October 15, the royal couple revealed the news that indeed they are expecting the arrival of their first child in the spring.

It’s another coup for Linda and Terry Jamison, whom describe themselves as “the most documented psychics in history.” The pair claim that they predicted the 2004 tsunami, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001, three devastating hurricanes, the crash of the stock market in 2000 and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win in 2016.

Psychic twins began making predictions in their 20s

The pair were born in West Chester in Pennsylvania in January, 1965. When they were in their early twenties, they began to experience shocking nightmares. It wasn’t until the events they experienced in those nightmares began to become true that they recognised that they were having premonitions.

Additionally, they learnt that they could let spirits enter their bodies and control them. This allowed the spirits to write messages for communication processes – a process known as ‘automatic writing’. Linda for the first to discover this talent, which Terry then found she also possessed.

Psychic reading revealed welcome royal baby news

In September this year, the Psychic Twins admitted that they were sometimes visited by the late Princess Diana. It was her whom shared with them the news that Diana’s son Prince Harry and his recent bride Megan Markle would soon announce the arrival of another royal baby.

Linda and Megan have not always been right, though. In 2016 they predicted that Hillary Clinton would be the winner of the presidential election. In better news, once Donald Trump’s success in the same election had been confirmed, they confidently predicted that he would not last four years in office.


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