Further to the realm of psychic animals, the names of the penguins homed at the Birmingham SeaLife Centre can – it seems – now be added. These canny birds have proven to be right on frequent occasions in the past, and now have predicted both the name and the gender of the next royal baby.

The announcement came yesterday that the royal couple of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would soon be celebrating the arrival of their first child, due in spring next year. As speculation began in relation to the name of the new baby, and whether it would be a boy or a girl, the psychic penguins were consulted.

Psychic pets are making increasingly accurate predictions

“Our penguins are very curious creatures and love playing new games, especially when it puts their predicting powers to the test,” said Jonny Rudd, the curator at the National Sea Life Centre.”Led by our keenest predictor, Pablo, the colony were quick to choose a girl, and later decided on the name Diana, after much squawking debate – it was a close call between the bookies’ favourites, Diana and Alice!”

The psychic penguins delighted those whom believe that our animal friends have a direct link to the spiritual world by correctly predicting eighty percent of England’s World Cup games from last summer. They also did very well at the 2014 World Cup Finals.

Birmingham’s psychic penguins have enjoyed good news themselves

These predictive birds enjoyed some good news themselves over the summer, with two new arrivals – chicks named Hulk and Dumpling. The pair are the offspring of two of the SeaLife Centre’s resident penguins, Arabei and Pablo.

This particular breed of penguin – Gentoo – are becoming increasingly rare in the wild and Hulk and Dumpling are the result of a world-wide breeding programme which have seen penguins being flown in to Birmingham from such far-flung places as Canada, Denmark and New Zealand.


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