Dozens of psychics all across the world are currently giving themselves a pat on the back for correctly predicting that Prince Harry and Megan Markle would be announcing the forthcoming arrival of their first child pretty soon after their nuptials. Now those same psychics are getting in on the act with other Harry & Megan predictions, including the gender of their first child.

Psychic pet gained fame in summer during World Cup finals

First up was Phoenix the psychic cat. Rescue pussy Phoenix gained famed over the summer with his increasingly accurate purr-dictions regarding England’s World Cup heroics. Yesterday he was trotted out on ITV’s Lorraine programme and was asked to predict in his usual fashion – by selecting food from one of two bowls, one blue and one pink. Fearless Phoenix trotted forth to the pink bowl, indicating that the next royal baby would be a girl.

Another psychic – Kerrie Erwin – appeared on Grant Denyer (whose death was predicted live on air a few days ago) and Ed Kavalee’s show on 2DayFM. She did not name the gender of the baby, but revealed that during a recent psychic reading with Prince Harry she told him the couple would have two children. She also said that she unfortunately saw possible dark times ahead for the royal couple.

Psychic readings revealed many successful predictions

Celebrity psychic Harry T was another championing his accurate predictions. He said as long ago as March that the royal pair would be announcing the upcoming arrival of their first child in October, and he was absolutely spot on. He also, at the time, said “I think it could possibly be a girl.”

Simone Simmons – former psychic pal of Princess Diana – was yet another fortune teller who correctly predicted the swift post-wedding announcement of another royal baby. Her prediction of this news came as far back as July this year.

As reported yesterday, Birmingham’s SeaLife Centre’s penguins have predicted that the gender of Harry and Meghan’s first child will be female.


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