The internet is currently debating whether the footage captured of a playground swing moving on its own by a group of men in Saudi Arabia and claimed as evidence of a ‘ghost child’ is real or has been faked.

According to the men taking the video, they came across the swing one afternoon, gently rocking back and forth all on its own. At first they thought it was the wind, but they then noticed that an identical swing adjacent to first remained completely motionless.

Ghost child ‘blamed’ for inexplicable motion of swing

They continued to watch the swing for several minutes before deciding to film. In the video they discuss what is making the swing continue to oscillate. One man says “it’s the air” while another says “no it’s not, the other one there doesn’t move, why would it be the air?”

Although the video that has been taken is less than ninety seconds long, the men claim that they witnessed the swing in motion for at least one hour, saying they found the experience “chilling”.

Fake footage or real – the internet decides

While some people claim that the swing was being used by an invisible or ‘ghost’ child, others think that real world explanations can be applied to the situation.

A few still think the wind is the culprit, with others claim that the swing is being manipulated by an invisible wire.

Another thinks that the entire footage is staged. At several points during the video the person wielding the camera cuts away to film the reaction of his colleagues. It seems not unreasonable to assume that during these ‘cut away’ moments the man standing closest to the swing could simply step forward and re-set the swing in motion, stepping back before the camera pans back to him.

You can judge for yourself by watching the video itself here on YouTube.


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