When a Maryland woman was accused by the FBI of initiating a Ponzi scheme to defraud people of millions of dollars, she naturally panicked. Her method of dealing with the interference of the Feds was somewhat unique – she used voodoo and magic spells in the hope of derailing their investigation.

Dawn Bennett, 56 of Chevy Chase, Maryland opened an investment scheme in 2014, hoping that people would invest in her new sportswear business. When people did actually begin to invest their cash, she decided she would spend it on an extravagant lifestyle, instead of actually spending it on her fledgling company.

Fraudster used cash to buy $500,000 suite at the Dallas Cowboys

Worried investors eventually contacted the authorities, who began to look into Bennett’s spending habits. They found that she had two penthouses and a $500,000 suite at the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Her sportswear business was estimated to actually be worth a paltry $35.

Bennett was arrested and charged with multiple offences, including conspiracy, bank fraud, securities fraud and making a false loan application. When told she would stand trail she began to get creative. She filled her freezer with ‘voodoo’ jars labelled with the initials of the lawmen tasked to investigate her.

Voodoo spells used to ‘halt FBI investigation’

She also began to cast what she called ‘hoodoo spells’ involving beef tongue, and travelled to India to have religious men perform ceremonies she hoped would prevent the investigators finding the truth behind her investment scheme.

During her eventual trial – which Bennett’s use of voodoo completely failed to prevent – it emerged that all investors had been guaranteed a fifteen percent return on investment, and that were told they could ask for their money back at any time. The forty-six investors are unlikely to see their money again.

Bennett was eventually convicted on seventeen counts. She is currently awaiting sentencing, but it seems likely she will spend the rest of her life behind bars.


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