Stephen Hawking may have concluded that there is no God in his final book published after his death, but a man known only as ‘Desmond H’ thinks otherwise. He claims that he heard the voice of The Almighty himself during a near-death experience at the age of fifteen.

Desmond related his ‘close to death’ experience to a group calling themselves the ‘Near Death Research Foundation’ or NDERF for short. NDERF are a group of interested parties whom collect reports of so-called near death experiences.

Man visits the ‘afterlife’ when heart surgery causes complications

Desmond – now nineteen – related the experience that occurred to him when he was in the middle of his teen years. A violent asthma attack had been triggered during aortic valve replacement surgery, and Desmond ‘died’ on the operating table.

“I found myself in a Dark Place that NDErs call ‘the void.’ I call it the ‘Dark Place.” he said. “My time in the Dark Place was without emotion or thoughts, yet I was sentient. There was nothing to see, feel, or know in The Dark Place. All of a sudden, a very loud voice spoke to me out of nowhere. The male voice loudly and slowly said, ‘God.’”

Desmond was brought back to life before he could question ‘God’. He was in a coma for two months and it was a further month before he could walk.

The man who heard God was previously a staunch anti-theist

Before his meeting with ‘God’ Desmond was a staunch anti-theist whom “hated the Christian God.” His near-death experience has changed his life.

“I believe that the naturalistic worldview is as false as it is existentially pleasing,” Desmond was quoted as saying. “Our lives are not terribly long and everybody will see God once we are dead.”

Experts still claim that NDEs are not evidence of the afterlife, but are simply hallucinations brought about by the brain trying to make sense of an unknown situation.


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